Norway Regional Workshop

Equipping Norway’s Faith Communities

for Climate Action

The workshop will be hosted at the Norwegian Red Cross Conference CenterOslo (May 2nd – 9am to 4pm), with the Opening Address due to be given by Vice Mayor of Oslo, Mr Usman Mushtaq.

FFOP’s mission is to enhance the capacity of global faith leaders to become climate leaders, thereby supporting climate adaption, resiliency and pre-emption efforts worldwide. Thus far FFOP has trained faith leaders in Pakistan, Gambia and the UK, and has partnered with Duke University to deliver the world’s first youth interfaith climate fellowship program.

More recently, FFOP has partnered with Norwegian interfaith think tank, Wasila, to deliver a climate capacity building workshop for 25 select Norwegian faith and civil society leaders.

This workshop will support Norway’s religious leadership with knowledge, skills and access to networks through a day-long program focusing on systems thinking, climate literacy and practical steps faith leaders can take in climate action efforts.