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Meet Our Youth Ambassadors

Fellows of 2023

Northern Ireland, British

Children’s Development Officer in Northern Ireland, Radio Presenter

United Kingdom

Sustainability Corporate Reporting Manager at EasyJet; Former Assistant at UNHCR in Egypt

United States

Software Deployment Engineer at General Motors Innovation Facility


District team leader for Nagaland Forest Management Project, funded by JICA


Writer for Sojourners’- an online magazine that covers faith, environment, and politics


Journalist focusing on writing stories about social justice-related issues

United Kingdom

Senior Product Manager at EV Charging, Shell; Founding member of Hindu Climate Action


Communications Consultant at UNICEF Cambodia

United States

Program Executive for Youth, Lutheran World Federation


Project Assistant for policy, research, and foresight with The Solferino Academy


Works for a Quaker anti-poverty charity; Climate Change Analyst at Royal Bank of Canada

United States

Instructor at Northwestern University – Civic Education Project

United States

Yale Environmental Fellow for the NorthLight Foundation

The Netherlands

Author on ‘inclusive sustainability’ for a Dutch online platform called ‘Nieuw Wij’


Advisor in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Human Rights


Information Officer at Climate Change Commission


Climate Justice and Gender Equality Activist; Member of UNICEF Colombia

New Zealand

Energy Engineer, working on Decarbonisation and Energy-Efficiency


Co-founder the Catalyzing Sustainable Transformation (CaST) Network

United Kingdom

Associated with Totnes Transition Town, Sadhana Forest, Dharmananda


Founder and CEO of Denis Miki Foundation and Efeti Ventures


Co-founder, The Farm of Francesco; Project Development Educator, Scholas Ocurrentes


PhD scholar in Islamic Law and Politics – Entente International University in Niger

Burkina Faso

Former Peacebuilding Advisor with Oxfam in Burkina Faso; Founder of Religions for Peace

The Gambia

Deputy Majority Leader of Gambia’s National Assembly

United States

Assistant to the Director of Polis: Center for Politics at Duke University

United States

Director of Christian Education at Hillyer Memorial Christian Church