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Offering a comprehensive monthly analysis of global current affairs, focusing on interfaith climate action. Centering on religious communities, our reports underscore the transformative capacity of faith-based climate action. They provide recommendations to surmount implementation challenges and insights for effective utilization.

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Women, though disproportionately affected by climate change, are an afterthought when it comes to climate action….
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“Israel’s assault on Gaza is redefining Muslim-Jewish relations for the worse across the globe. New fault lines are…
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Today, June 20th, marks the UN’s World Refugee Day. But the catastrophic scale of the world’s refugee crisis…
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By extending recognition to thought leaders, scientists, and activists from the Muslim world, the Nobel Foundation would not…
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Rather than ignoring what is happening in Africa — as shown by the absence of EU leaders at…
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The Muslim World League is now laser-focused on climate change. In fact, its Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul…
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The Muslim World League Secretary-General Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa has long been campaigning to leverage moral frameworks…
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“For example, the global interfaith NGO Faith For Our Planet is leveraging active and strong global faith networks…

Faith Leaders Must Unite Against The Climate Crisis


Pakistan’s floods foreshadow South Asia’s climate crisis. A call for unity should resonate from all places of worship.

Arab News Pakistan


Faith For Our Planet, a Muslim World League non-profit, hosted its inaugural Islamabad workshop, uniting global faith and community leaders.

Experts Call For Resolving Water Stress


At the Pakistan: United for Shared Responsibility workshop, experts stressed the need to prioritize water issues for a sustainable future.

Pakistan needs to address surging water stress for sustainable future: Experts


At the Islamabad conference, experts emphasized Pakistan’s water stress status, urging priority action for a sustainable future.

FFOP To Engage Religious Mobilisers For Nature Conservation In Pakistan

Source: Urdu Point

The Faith for Our Planet (FFOP) on Tuesday announced that the it would engage religious mobilisers of all faiths in the country to educate and motivate masses for nature conservation through religious guidance and teachings.

Experts demand resolving water stress for sustainable future

Source:Associated Press Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Jun 13 (APP): The experts at a two-day workshop titled Pakistan: United for Shared Responsibility on Monday said that the country was a water stress nation that needed to address its growing water issues for a sustainable future on priority.

Religious leaders’ input key to tackling threat of climate change

Source:Pakistan Observer
Speakers at a press conference called for involving religious leaders to take an active approach to tackle the crisis of climate change that is threatening livelihoods of people. The press conference was organized by Faith For Our Planet (FFOP) in collaboration with the Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN), International Islamic University (IIU) and Iqbal International Institute for Research & Development (IRD).

Women are the missing key to tackling climate change in the Muslim World

The Muslim world, and its religious leaders, have a duty to empower women to play crucial civil society roles if climate change is to be slowed and – possibly even reversed, writes Dr Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa.

Religion is crucial to combatting the climate crisis in Africa


Religious voices must have a seat at the table – not only because they represent so many Africans and the rest of the world – but because they coordinate and inspire like few others can.