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North Carolina, USA

Second Youth Interfaith Leaders Fellowship

Faith For Our Planet (FFOP) and Duke Divinity School (DDS) successfully delivered their flagship youth fellowship for the second year in a row, bringing together 30 faith-inspired climate leaders from around the world for a week-long residential program at Duke University, North Carolina, USA. Experts and practitioners from theology, behavioral science, business, health, and media actively engaged with FFOP’s youth fellows, enriching and building their knowledge and skills on faith-led environmental thought and action.

Second Youth Interfaith Leaders Fellowship

The fellowship was designed to cultivate a global community of next-generation interfaith leaders and changemakers, equipping them with tools and knowledge to hone their moral leadership, skillset, and material resources to help mobilize communities that were at the forefront of the climate crisis. Throughout this process, trust, a sense of hope, and a deeper understanding of the vital role of faith leaders in spearheading impactful climate action were built, as reflected in their end-of-fellowship group projects.

The fellows joined us from countries like the UK, the USA, The Gambia, Ghana, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Ireland, the Netherlands, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, bringing forth a rich tapestry of professional, cultural, and religious backgrounds, that included faith leaders – pastors, imams, and monks, elected representatives, climate activists, members of civil society; and policy advocates.